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About Baby Nursery

The Baby Nursery team is passionate about creating the perfect place for a mom to feed and bond with her baby. Our quality nursery chairs are comfortable, stylish and high quality.


Sarah Jeffreys (founder)

My passion to make the perfect nursery rocking began in 2009.

Whilst paging through a pregnancy magazine I noticed a gap in the nursery furniture market for a comfortable and stylish nursery rocking chair. I was so excited that I cut open my own living room couch so I could understand how it was made; from that point my journey to make the perfect nursery rocking chair began and over the years we have been blessed with support from many moms and dads across South Africa.



During the countless feeding and bonding times with our daughter Emma and our son Owen I was reminded daily, sometimes hourly how a comfortable nursery rocking chair should be something that every mom and dad has in their baby’s nursery. I loved my rocking chair and I wanted to share this comfort with moms across South Africa.

Growing up

The Snoozy Baby story is much like that of becoming a parent. As we look back there were scary bits and special moments.
In 2009 we created our first chairs and attended our first Baby Expo in 2011 to see what moms would say about our chairs. We received an overwhelmingly positive response and support for our rocking chairs.


Brave first steps

This gave us the courage to be brave enough to enter The Shark Tank SA and showcase our rocking chairs on National Television. We had the honour of presenting our rocking chairs to Sir Richard Branson and receiving his praise about their comfort.

Like all parents we made mistakes along the way, but it’s how you learn from your mistakes that builds and develops character.


From one parent to another

Our message to you is that if you get something wrong, just pick yourself up and try again. You only need to pick yourself up one more time than you fall down in order to succeed!

Thank you

Baby Nursery is a family business. We work hard and are thankful to each and every customer for their support and trust in us to bring them the perfect nursery rocking chair. We love the fact that we’re helping you build many happy and memorable moments with your baby.

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